What Every New Beat Maker Should Know About Beats

With recent technology advancements, aspiring rap and hip-hop beat designers are discovering simple, and effective ways to “break in” to beat making without the need to spend exorbitant amounts of money. This article will discuss creating beats using a simple computer, and an online beat maker. While some online beat makers have more options and features than others, they all run off a similar concept. As a result, the elements described in this article will be present in nearly every beat maker.

Matic beat making machine,

Matic beat making machine,

Specifically in this article, we’ll discuss linking together audio loops, midi drum patters, and the baseline to enable you to create some seriously sick beats.

The first element we’ll discuss is audio loops. Audio loops build up the main foundation of hip hop. Any pattern of sounds or instrumentals can be utilized to create your ideal “loop.” After you have this first loop, you can link together other sounds to create another loop. These loops can then be put together or can be overlapped. These loops can also be compressed, stretched, or turned into a variety of effects

Making a beat – *How to get started beat making*

The next element is the midi drum patters. When creating your beats, you’ll usually find that drums are typically a pattern of midi notes. These can be placed individually into your beat, or as we discussed above, can be created into repeating loops. To further enhance your beat, multiple midi drum patters can be playing at once, just make sure that your multiple midi drum patterns work together to enhance your beats!

The final element is your bass-line. Your bass-line is the foundation of your entire beat and consequently, you’ll find that the entire mood of your beat stems from the bass-line you use. Most products will start with the bass-line before adding anything else to the beat. Like any other aspect of a beat, the bass-line is often created into a repeating loop.

Beat Making Machine

Beat Making Machine

So when producing your own songs, make sure your foundation is sure by starting with a good strong bass-line. After you’ve created your ideal bass-line move onto midi drum patters and create loops with these. As you create beats, make sure to put these 3 elements into play to get your creative juices flowing!

Al Jenkins is a professional recording artist and audio production engineer who specializes in music producing and studio recording techniques.

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